What is Road Wisdom?


Road Wisdom represents a way of travel, a way of seeing the world.

Road Wisdom is an absence of preconceived agendas, short of going deeper.

Road Wisdom is the collection of lessons imparted by the all-knowing road, if only you loose your grip long enough to get out of your own way and simply follow wherever it might lead you.

Road Wisdom has no time for the mundane, the 9 to 5, or the tick-tock world. It doesn’t exist in the corporate. It seeks the distance, the time, the space, the essence — unapologetically.

Road Wisdom is firmly “Romantic” in the literary sense.

Road Wisdom embraces the inscription carved in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi: “Know thyself“.

Road Wisdom recognizes that once you set out upon this course, there is no turning back.



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