Vagabond Dreams: Road Wisdom from Central America

    How much of your life is true, and how much do you accept only because it’s easy?

    What if you could leave that old life behind? Just burn it down, drop off the map and live among strangers who know nothing about the person you’re supposed to be? Do you have any idea what you’d discover?

    Vagabond Dreams is a true story of awakening amongst a cast of fascinating characters at the farthest margins of the map. At its heart is the uncompromising vision of rising beyond one’s self imposed limitations and truly living.

    This powerful map to Road Wisdom is for brave travelers determined to embrace personal freedom and create the life of their choice.

    Who are you without your boxes?

    Are you ready to find out?


    Vagabond Dreams by Ryan Murdock


     What Readers Are Saying About Vagabond Dreams:

    There’s a strange archetypal quality to this book that’s difficult to grasp. Even though it is plainly the author’s tale it brought out in me many thoughts of personal struggles and childhood memories, despite the fact that our paths are very different. So I can say that this book tells a universal tale and I would find it hard to believe that you will not find part of yourself in the pages. I think that’s a rare quality in a book and if for no other reason that’s an excellent excuse to pick up a copy of this book, who knows what you may discover?” — Richard B. Merritt

    I have been fascinated by it, unable to put it down and when I finally do, I think about it continuously. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book with such a profound effect on me.” — Christy

    I barely could wait to go from one page to the next – from one adventure to the next. TAKE THIS JOURNEY WITH RYAN – I know you will view life differently when you have read this book…” — Joanne Harvey

    This was a great read, I couldn’t put it down!” — Deanmc