Staying sane in an info-flooded world

Why is it so difficult to stay informed? To sift the essential from the vast cacophony of background noise? To consume just enough without smartphones and 24-hour news cycles taking over your life?

In part, the devices that improve — and often plague — our lives are deliberately designed to be addictive.

Why worry about things you can’t control?

“But Antoine, why worry about things you can’t control…?”

My last blog on conspiracy theories sparked an interesting discussion on Facebook.

My friend Nathan pointed out that I failed to draw a clear distinction between all too real large scale actions perpetrated by governments and the sort of “Lobby of the Unhinged” conspiracy theories I was talking about.

What is Your Ideal Life?

A lifetime ago in a place far, far away. (Pic by Colin O’Connor)

Something I read in a novel once has always stuck with me.

I don’t even remember what the book was, but I remember this scene very clearly.

I Hate My Phone

Is this thing the bane of travel?

I hate my phone.

Well, not just my phone, but all phones that fit in one’s pocket.

There’s a direct correlation between the portability of one’s devices and the sense of obligation other people have for your attention.

Happy Berlin Anniversary to Me

Surveying my domain from the top of Viktoriapark, behind my flat…

Today marks a small anniversary in my world.

It was exactly one year ago — January 8th — that I moved to Berlin and started a new life-after-Malta.

The 10 Best Reasons to Follow Your Dreams

You'll walk through desert landscapes few others have seen...

You’ll walk through desert landscapes few others have seen…

If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

Seriously. Think about that for a moment. What would you do?

I can honestly say, “Exactly what I’m doing right now.” And I can say that because I’m busy following my dreams.

How to Make 2016 YOUR Big Year

Make 2016 YOUR Big Year

Make 2016 YOUR Big Year

I guess this is the day when you’re supposed to bid good riddance to the old year and shake off the hangover going into the new.

​But I have no complaints, because 2015 was a really good one for me…

It’s Banned Books Week — Let’s Stop and Remember

It’s Banned Books Week.

I’m sure the majority of people aren’t aware of this. And even avid readers may have missed the news.

But this is the special time each year when we pause to think about censorship, and to remember all the great literature that has been banned, suppressed or otherwise made purposefully unavailable in an effort to control what we read and think.

Travel Can Also Be a Way of Cutting Yourself Off

Travel is the greatest education I’ve ever had. It has taught me more about myself than any school or course or book. It has opened my mind to new worlds, new customs, new landscapes and new ways of being.

But a lifestyle based on travel also comes with hidden dangers…