I believe travel has the power to transform lives.

I believe travel literature can build global bridges on a human level, and can inspire individuals to go beyond themselves.

I believe travel literature is literature.

I believe in the freedom of the individual.

I believe that mastery of the body and mind can lead to mastery of life–but you must be prepared to go beyond.

I believe that we are not our boxes, and that we’re free to assume whatever form suits us at that moment.

I believe there’s more to life than vapid pop culture and soul-sucking 9 to 5.

I believe in living now rather than saving for a future you may not have.

I believe in feeding the mind on great literature and feeding the soul with good music, and I believe in kicking in the TV and taking a sledgehammer to the radio.

I believe in the Spirit of Place.

I believe in aut tunc, aut nunquam.

I believe in solitude, and silence.

I believe in careful readers.

I believe that a least a few of you out there do too.

If you believe in some of these things, then come along with me on this journey. Because we really can realize our own Vagabond Dreams…